Employee Selection and Recruitment

By means of modern techniques, we select our employees among professionals who are capable to meet the values of our company and to meet the qualifications of business and who shall create difference with their performance. According to the requirements of the vacant positions, we implement Foreign Language Examination, Interviews based on Qualification and Profile Analysis. According to the annually prepared staff plans, at first we consider our employees for any vacant positions or we evaluate applicants in Borusan Group Candidate Pool. At the same time we also evaluate any applications made upon our job advertisement and assign appropriate candidates who are endowed with required qualifications, in vacant positions.
We carry out three interviews with the candidates in which recruitment experts and relevant department managers participate. We evaluate the qualifications of the candidates with respect to compliance in corporate culture, their determination to succeed, responsibility and initiative, customer oriented skills and also their functional competence according to the vacant position.
Applications are made through General Application Form.

Open Positions

Human Resources Form