Quality Policies

We , Supsan Motor Supapları San. ve Tic. A.Ş. together with all of our employees hereby undertake;

- to meet and fulfill all requirements of the quality management system we use,
- to conform with all laws and legal obligations,
- to provide high quality products with low cost in a timely manner,
- to renew and develop ourselves continuously according to our target to increase our efficiency and productivity,
- to be reliable and preferable for our customers,
- to be open to all kinds of notifications to be received from our customers and to resolve all issues with respect to such notifications with taking impartialness, transparency, accessibility, confidentiality and reliability principles into consideration and to take such information under control effectively,
- to be focused on customer and employee satisfaction and accomplish on the base of participation,
- to increase the qualifications of our employees with regular training and supporting programs,
- to encourage and highlight entrepreneurialism,
- to provide our suppliers to meet the quality conditions and cooperate, in Eaton, global and domestic automotive sector with an adopting, implementing and maintaining manner.