Sigma is a modern business methodology which is being implemented by giant companies of the world and which targets to reduce error rate to zero in all business and production processes and to provide continuous increase in productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. This methodology is being implemented in Borusan Group since 2002. Besides the cultural change both financial growth and increase in profitability of Borusan companies are achieved by means of 6 Sigma methodology which is an important keystone of strategic management model of Borusan.

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Our quality policy

We , Supsan Motor Supapları San. ve Tic. A.Ş. together with all of our employees hereby undertake; - to meet and fulfill all requirements of the quality management system we use, - to conform with all laws and legal obligations, - to provide high quality products with low cost in a timely manner, - to renew and develop ourselves continuously according to our target to increase our efficiency and productivity, - to be reliable and preferable for our customers,

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Code of Conduct Consultation and Information Line

The code of conduct for the employees is set by The Borusan Group Ethics Committee. The employees of the Borusan Group take over the responsibility of applying and giving guidance in appliance of business ethics. “Borusan Group – Code of Conduct Consultation and Information Line” is formed under this responsibility. Borusan employees can use this line in order to get consultation and information about their and other Borusan employees’ behaviors.

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